… is it a fraud?

I am a successful seller on ebay…

From the inception of their site, ebay has promoted abject honesty in describing your product that you have for sale. They enjoy a fine reputation, and even have a program whereby if you get something you bought and have not received exactly what you purchased, the seller is compelled to give you a complete refund including shipping charges.

As of late, a newcomer on the scene has appeared, I have been following their sales particularly what they term “sterling silver”. In reality their sellers are putting up for sale cheap Chinese goods worth a couple of dollars. This afternoon one of these bracelets, retailing for under $4.00 sold for over $80.00 by “Majestic”… yes, you hear me… $80.00…

You say how can this happen? The blame should be put squarely on the shoulders of They know the quality of what is being sold and choose to look the other way for the sake of making commission and sales fees on these imitation goods.

When I approached them with this problem inquiring if the product advertised as sterling silver was really solid silver and not cheap silver plate, they replied with some gobbelty-gook of “we trust the integrity of out sellers”…yeah… what’s integrity…

Any goods that you see here is available for pennies at…

In my estimation and also the interpretation of the law this is outright FRAUD.

Lets insist that fraudulent sites like be closed, and get back to reliable sites that we can all TRUST…

If you have been “taken” by one of these sites… lets make it HOT for them and complain to the law…

FRAUD is against the law…


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14 Responses to… is it a fraud?

  1. Who gave this a 1 star vote? Probably Majestic. I went there one time to look at what was sold and was disgusted by the dropshipping traffic there. It won’t last long.

  2. Juliette Russo says:

    STAY AWAY FROM TOPHATTER!! The tophatter site is a complete SCAM. i have purchased many items, some that i have actually received that were stated as genuine fire opal, genuine emerald, and solid 925 sterling silver, have in fact been just cheap quality glass and poorly plated metal. (one was even pitted where I could see the copper underneath!)

    I paid a good buck for these items and when I complained to the tophatter staff, I was told to email the seller. of course the sellers email was invalid and tophatter staff said it was out of their hands, to take my dispute to paypal. Being that my complaints were over 45 days old, YES it took that long to receive some of my items, it was past the date that I could get a refund from paypal.

    I and many others have been scammed out of a ton of money from paypal. I think my next step is to involve the Palo Alto California police department, as I do not know what else to do.

    • You are not alone… there have been tons of people who have lost lots of bucks.

      I finally complained to the Dept. of Justice with documentation and a piece of this lead bomb horrid jewelry and they turned my complaint over to the FBI, so Tophatter is definitely going down. And incidentally Tophatter just doesn’t care…

      You might complain to the Dept.of Justice, but I think if you involved your local police that might be a good thing,

      Thank you for commenting, if people like you would come forward perhaps this would quicken the shut down of this fraudulent site…

      I will keep in touch…


  3. Tanya says:

    Top Hatter may have started out as a site with integrity and potential but it has degenerated into a money grabbing place that really doesnt care who they damage.Faulty and fake goods, illegal items such as alcohol and other such goods and the list of seller complaints that keeps growing are the reasons they are going to have to fold. Sad for all those who have been burnt and I hope it doesnt stop people from looking for and buying handmade or items at auction.Love and hugs Tanya

  4. quixoticxfemme says:

    I’ve bought some stuff off of Tophatter and I just came across this blog. I haven’t received any of my items (I just found TH a few days ago), but now I’m really worried that all the stuff I bought will be cheap jewelry. How can I find out which is the cheap jewelry and which is quality (I know I could just stay off TH)? Also what sites to people buy the jewelry from? If it’s not absolutely terrible quality, I’d be fine with buying it at the really cheap prices.
    I hope somebody sees this!
    Thanks 🙂

  5. Lola says:

    I buy and sell there, (I sell make-up), I have made about 12 purchases, a handmade soap and such, I have had to file claims on 9 items because I never got them! There is so much dropshipping and sellers that never ever mail your item, it is insane. This place needs to be shut down! I will stick to Ebay, at least it is governed.

  6. Nancy Herring says:

    I agree that the merchandise is junk.I recently bought an Android 7 in.tablet for 104.00 It did not work properly and I asked for a refund.You would have thought I had committed a crime. The seller proceeded to tell me I was not smart enought to work on anything but a dinosaur computer and maybe she should come to NC to show me how to work it. I had to file a claim with paypay who found in my favor and granted me the refund. This rude lady could not let it go and continued to send me harrassing emails until I told her I was going to file charges on her. Tophatter never again!!.

  7. I would like to invite everyone to participate in a discussion related to Tophatter’s knowing and complicit selling of illegal items to the unsuspecting public and suppliers that resell to brick and mortar shops that you may easily come in contact with as a buyer. One of many illegal items sold, as you all have mentioned here, are gold plated jewelry with a 14K stamped hallmark. In other words, they are allowing to be sold fake stuff and representing it to be solid gold. In an effort to protect the general public from fraud, it is my wish to participate in educating the public so that they all can be discerning buyers, and I need help. Please come share your own experiences. And share your own thoughts. And see if you can be a part of the force that will Stop Tophatter Fraud. Thank you for your consideration.

  8. renee says:

    I have been a seller at Tophatter since almost it began. I list all my stuff as handmade by me. I recently filed a complaint with Tophatter regarding their practices of who gets into auctions and who doesn’t. Guess what? I was permanently muted from all their sites, meaning I can not speak to anyone not even in their sellers lounge. Their own rules regarding muting states that a 24 hour mute is given before a permanent admin mute is given. I have never received a warning of any kind and feel that this “muting” is in retaliation of my filed complaint. I have asked and asked why I have been muted with absolutely no response from anyone.

  9. Gina E says:

    months later…. Tophatter is still going strong. They have streamlined their auctions by making it impossible for non-US sellers and “little guy” sellers to sell on the site. Contrary to popular opinion, tophatter isn’t going down, only the little guys who won’t lie for their profit!

  10. Nancy says:

    OMG I wish I saw this before a purchased lots of merchandise today…my first time there due to something on Pinterest…Now I am really worried.

  11. Very disappointed in the two items I bid on and won! Poor quality and from the pictures they post, you cannot tell much about them. No more for me! Buyers beware

  12. stacy says:

    I have the other side to the story. I was a seller on this site for months. I was one of the good sellers who actually do own a business outside of this site and stand behind my products and customers. However, you do have a customer once in a while that simply can not be satisfied regardless of the resolution offered to them. Recently I had such a customer, but did I? After some investigation I have learned this was probably a set up by the “clique” on TH due to the fact it has happened numerous times in the past to other sellers. I was not asked my side of the story or allowed to defend myself. I simply was suspended without warning and all contact stopped. I can not speak to anyone and I am suspended without cause. This site has many issues and I would not recommend it to anyone – even sellers. They over charge for listing fees and selling fees, change the rules to suit their needs on a daily basis and make it almost impossible to comply with policies. It is not worth the time or stress the profits cause. I consider myself a customer and call this a bad customer experience. Why? Be cause I was a customer of TH by being a seller and paying them outrageous fees for my items sold and I was treated like a piece of trash. If you do decide to sell regardless of these posts then good luck. There is a huge clique on this site that you must be in or your screwed!

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